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Scentsy Workstation is a web-based portal that allows you to link your business to all the tools and services Scentsy offers. You will be able to access all the news and information about the company, its products, and specific messages and assets in this portal. The data you enter into your Scentsy Workstation portal will be safe and secure, and you won’t have to worry about privacy concerns.


If you haven’t heard of Scentsy, it’s a direct selling company that sells home and personal fragrance products that are dedicated to providing attractive, creative, and customized products that will make you and your home feel great.

One of the most essential business tools you can use as a consultant is the Scentsy Workstation. It has everything you need to launch your business, including policy and procedure manuals, training materials, and more.

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After logging in to your Scentsy dashboard, you’ll be able to start promoting products as well as taking online orders and announcing online parties. More importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit new Consultants, which will exponentially grow your business.

Scentsy Consultant Login Process

Your Scentsy Workstation account allows you to access the latest news, manage resources, and use a wide range of Scentsy tools. The Scentsy Consultant Login portal is an incredible tool where several work-related information is available. You’ll need to go through the following steps to gain access to your Scentsy Workstation account:


  • Scentsy Workstation Login is possible using two URLs: and
  • Upon logging into Scentsy Workstation, you should see the login menu immediately.
  • Enter your Scentsy Consultant ID number in the first blank field of the Scentsy Workstation login menu.
  • Enter the password for your Scentsy Workstation account in the second blank field.
  • To complete the login process, click the red “Sign In” button at the bottom of the menu. Once completed, you will be able to view your account.

Steps For Scentsy Workstation Login From Mobile

You can also log into your Scentsy Workstation account on your mobile device. Using Scentsy Workstation, there is a similar login process as described in that post. For mobile devices, you need to follow these steps:

  • To access Scentsy Workstation, go to The website will automatically resize to fit the screen of your mobile device.
  • Fill out the empty spaces with your Scentsy Consultant ID and password.
  • Sign in by clicking the “Sign In” button.

For mobile devices, Scentsy Workstation App is also available. You can download this app on your Apple or Android device from their respective application store.

Possible Scentsy Login Issues, And Their Solutions

The login procedure for the Scentsy Portal mentioned earlier is pretty straightforward. There should be no major issues. It is possible that you have forgotten your password if you cannot log into Scentsy Workstation.

Go to the main Scentsy Workstation login page if you cannot remember your Scentsy Workstation Login account password. You can reset your password by clicking the link below the login menu. You will be redirected to the password recovery page by clicking on this link.

The email address of your Scentsy Workstation account must be written here. In some cases, you may have to answer some security questions as well. Once you receive your email address, you can log in to Scentsy Workstation. ScentsyPay Portal password recovery is more or less the same as for the Scentsy account recovery framework.

What is Scentsy Pay Portal?

Scentsy Pay Portal is a global online payment service. Simply put, your ScentsyPay Portal account will automatically be credited with the payment. You will receive an email with instructions when the company activates the consultant portal once you join. Whenever you make a transaction on the Pay portal, you will receive an email notification.


In addition to these features, there are others. One of the most popular features of the Scentsy Portal is its user-friendly interface, which makes managing your account and payments much more accessible. Further, you can transfer funds to your account or even order additional products from your sponsoring organization.

Within your account, you have access to a tool called “Autotransfer” that allows managing and transferring funds. To make things easier for you, the timeline will display the entire history of transfers and transactions.

Step By Step Login Procedure For Scentsy Pay Portal

Visiting will allow you to access this account. The Scentsy Pay portal is an essential tool for all Scentsy Consultants.

  • You can access the Scentsy Pay portal by visiting
  • Type your Consultant ID and password in the appropriate fields, just like you did when logging into the Scentsy Workstation.
  • When you click the purple “Sign In” button, you will be taken to your ScentsyPay Portal account.

Portal Activation Steps For Scentsy Pay

In order to activate the Pay Portal, which is a necessary step after logging into Scentsy Pay, follow these guidelines:

  • Once you’re logged into your ScentsyPay account, push the Activate Account button.
  • You may enter one of three credentials: your Scentsy card number, your email address, or your consultant ID.
  • Following activation, you can follow the steps outlined above to log into your ScentsyPay account again.
Official NameScentsy Workstation
Origin CountryUSA
Portal TypeLogin
Managed ByScentsy
Primary UsersScentsy Consultants

Benefits Offered By Scentsy Portal

  • In order to offer its new consultants a convenient and easy way to learn more about Scentsy’s franchisees, parties, and other related topics about Scentsy Workstation, Scentsy created an online training program.
  • You can participate in the training sessions conducted by Scentsy employees once or twice in order to receive the successful entrepreneur’s testimonials and their success steps in a step-by-step manner.
  • You can schedule your time at your convenience for this entirely online training session.
  • Scentsy Pay Portal can be found under Scentsy Workstation. Due to the fact that it is a newly added feature, you can check your commission quickly. Additionally, you will have the option of loading your commission on your ScentsyPay Card or simply transferring it to your bank account.


  • A tool named Report will help you and your group analyze your results and position.
  • You can view your order history through the Scentsy Workstation web portal. You will also be able to import your customer information. However, you must add the customers to your listing first.
  • Get the latest update on your business newsletters here, which will surely boost up your business. Additionally, you can share your products with your customers.
  • The consultant can register for upcoming events that might be of interest to them. You can place your order, purchase business materials, etc.

Customer Service Contact Details For Scentsy Dashboard

  • Contact Scentsy customer support if you run into any issues with the Scentsy Workstation login platform. For US and Canadian customers, the customer support number is 1-866-277-1790.
  • Additionally, if you have changed or recovered your password and it has not appeared in your Inbox, you should ask a Scentsy representative.
  • For international Scentsy Workstation support, call 1-778-373-5389. Alternatively, contact Scentsy directly or consult the FAQ section of the Scentsy website.

How To Join Scentsy As A Consultant?

Scentsy Login Portal offers an amazing opportunity for individuals and businesses to start a Scentsy business. Go to the “Join” option on the toolbar at the top of, or go directly to

Begin by choosing a sponsor by using the name or address search. The sponsor will introduce you to the company’s policies, services, training, and sales. Scentsy offers training and support so that even those with no business background can start their very own Scentsy business. The only requirement is that you are motivated and interested. In addition, you must have the money to purchase your starter kit.

You’re ready to start earning. The more dedicated you are, the more you will earn. At Scentsy, there are infinite earning possibilities. Contact the customer support team at 0800-917-6204 if you need help with Scentsy Login. You can reach them from 5 am to 8 pm PT, Monday through Friday.

How To Reset Scentsy Account Password?

If you forget your Scentsy Consultant Login password, you may lose your commission. In addition, if you are a Scentsy client, losing your login could result in trouble tracking your orders.

However, all Scentsy employees and customers can have their passwords recovered by using this feature. In this guide, we will show you how to reset the password on the Scentsy Workstation.


  • Visit using an internet-enabled device browser.
  • Once you click “I forgot my password,” you will be prompted to enter the email address of a Scentsy employee. Then click the “Continue” button.
  • Scentsy will send an email with instructions to reset your Scentsy employee login password if it finds a matching email to the one you provided. Simply follow the instructions to reset your Scentsy Consultant Login Password.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of signing up or activating my account?

Once you register as a Scentsy Consultant, Scentsy will create your account on your behalf within five days. When the activation process begins, you will receive an email containing a link you can click to start the process. In the event that Scentsy notified you that your first payment had been sent, but you haven’t received an activation email, please reset your password or ask them to resend the activation link.

How do I change my Scentsy Login account password?

You can change your Scentsy Login password by following these steps:

  • Go to your account and sign in.
  • Select Settings from the menu.
  • Passwords can be changed by clicking on it.
  • Please enter your existing password.
  • You need to enter a new password.
  • Re-enter the new password.
  • Then click the Update Password button.

It is vital that passwords contain 6-15 characters and cannot be reused.

Is it possible to access my Scentsy Pay Portal account using my mobile device?

To access your account on a mobile device, go to on your mobile browser. You can also download Scentsy Workstation App from the App Store and Google Play. Most of the features are available on the app. Users of the mobile site are charged regular data rates based on their mobile service provider. These charges are not the responsibility of Scentsy Pay.

About Scentsy

Entrepreneurs Heidi and Orville Thompson founded Scentsy, also known as Scentsy Home Fragrance, in 2004. The company started as a small party plan company based on the concept of wickless scented candles. It is proud to be a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and to have won over ten awards from the industry.

Independent consultants sell Scentsy products through the company’s framework. Scentsy’s independent consultants are small business owners who sell the company’s products as independent contractors. In addition to having complete control over when and where business is conducted, they receive appropriate commissions to cover their costs.

There is a lot of potential for growth with Scentsy Workstation, which is why many people join this direct selling company. Eventually, a consultant’s team will become a money-making machine as the team grows. Incentives and flexibility characterize Scentsy’s work environment. Also worth noting is the product’s reliability. With more people loving and trusting their products, the company’s growth over the years speaks for itself.

Currently, Scentsy products are distributed in eleven countries through a network of Scentsy Consultants that provide hands-on expertise and guidance to support clients and help them get the right products at the right time.

There are a variety of products, from on-the-go scents to laundry care to diffusers and oils offered by the brand. The company’s flagship product is its scented wax bars which are heated in handcrafted warmers, providing an alternative to traditional candles that is safe and personal.

Closing Remarks

The Scentsy Workstation is designed to help consultants manage their businesses, purchase supplies, place orders, keep up with the latest news, and access downloadable resources. It is a one stop shop for all your consulting needs.

There’s no problem with the Scentsy Workstation Login process. The Scentsy Portal has been developed specifically for consultants who need to access information regarding their activities within Scentsy.

Since it has maintained a very good agent and customer satisfaction environment, Scentsy Workstation is gaining a lot of popularity. As the popularity of Scentsy Workstation keeps growing, the online system is experiencing extreme demand.

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