The Scentsy Workstation Consultant is entitled to all of the company’s benefits. Along with offering them benefits, they also provide an integrated platform to help them find employment. As a Scentsy consultant and partner, you’ve got a lot to keep up with since running a business isn’t easy.


Scentsy Workstation portal was developed to keep track of calculations and data sheets regarding sales data and procedures. It is also the gateway to access several advantages and benefits of working with Scentsy.

Benefits Offered To Scentsy Consultants

News: Scentsy consultants receive exclusive and timely news from the network to keep them informed.

My Information: It gives you access to your information, completed orders, payment, and other information.

Training Center: Registered members have the option to enroll in this service to get a call about how to expand the business and run it more efficiently.

Track Performance: Consultants can easily track their performance and set goals for the future.


Challenges: You can earn exciting prizes, gifts, and status upgrades by completing the challenges.

Anytime Connected: The portal is online 24/7 and connected to the company, so consultants do not have to waste time ringing up support.

Selling Scentsy is a simple and fun way to connect with people and earn some money. Because of the company’s work-life balance policy, you are not bound by any rules and complications. With a Scentsy Workstation login account, you can keep track of orders, prepare to sell products, and much more.

Scentsy is a direct selling company and global leader in home and personal fragrance, providing stylish, innovative, and customizable fragrance products designed to warm the heart, awaken the senses and invigorate the soul.

The fact that Scentsy Workstation has a very high level of agent and customer satisfaction has helped boost its popularity. It goes without saying that Scentsy Workstation keeps growing in popularity, which results in extreme demand for the online system.