Scentsy Workstation accounts are only available to consultants who have been registered with the company. Rather than being for customers, this Scentsy Workstation portal is used by consultants to manage their business. The company will give you a Consultant ID and password to log into your account as a member of the company.


You can track your goals and volume, statistics, personal information, and more using the account. Using this portal, you can keep track of orders, events, performances, resources, communication, news, support, and more. There are tools like training centers and forums that can help you accelerate your progress.

Accessible Features Of Scentsy Workstation Portal

  • There are no restrictions or limitations on access to the Workstation portal. It is accessible anytime, anywhere, and across any device. Login credentials, a mobile connection, and a device are all you need. Now you can access your workstation.
  • In case you forgot to finish your work, you can upload it to the portal and finish it remotely. Furthermore, through its integrated cloud storage management, you can save the completed or submitted work easily.
  • With the Scentsy Pay Portal, you can track and view your pay stub, incentives, salary, and deductions. You can also keep track of Scentsy product purchases. Additionally, you can keep track of your total weekly and monthly expenditures. Set a savings goal and accumulate as many savings as possible.
  • As mentioned above regarding purchases, you are entitled to special discounts, freebies, and crazy deals on Scentsy products as an employee. You will continue to receive updates and notifications regarding these offers.
  • You can easily communicate via a communication portal with your teammates, manager, colleagues, HR, or higher authorities. Synchronize files or exchange ideas effortlessly on the global platform. Connect with like-minded people worldwide.
  • This portal can find information about promotions, job updates, briefings, notifications, holidays, and leave balances.