Joining As A Consultant

Scentsy Workstation is a web portal where affiliates and consultants can manage their business efficiently. Affiliates can access company updates and place orders online for business supplies in addition to managing businesses.


Scentsy Workstation is a multi-level marketing company based in Idaho that sells scented wax warmers, candle bars, car candles, room sprays, and laundry detergent. With about 1,000 in-house employees, Scentsy has more than 100,000 independent affiliates.

Joining Scentsy As A Consultant

Scentsy Consultant Workstation registration is required before you can access the portal. You must contact your HR Administration with your Consultant ID (Employee ID) to register. If you provide HR with some basic information such as your name, social security number, email address, and other personal details (available after your induction), your password will be sent to your registered email address.

Therefore, you must use a Consultant ID as a username and the sent credential as a password. You may not share a password. Scentsy Login Portal gives individuals and businesses the chance to start a Scentsy business. Choose “Join” from the toolbar at the top of, or go directly to


Begin by searching for a sponsor using either their name or address. You will be introduced to the company’s policies, services, training, and sales. Even those without a business background can start their own Scentsy business with training and support from Scentsy. Motivation and an interest in the business are the only requirements. You must also have the funds to purchase your starter kit.

Now you can start earning money. Depending on how dedicated you are, you will earn more money. Earning potential is endless at Scentsy. You can contact the customer support team at 0800-917-6204 if you need assistance with Scentsy Login. Monday through Friday, they are available from 5 am to 8 pm PT.