The Scentsy Workstation is getting lots of attention as it has maintained an excellent agent and customer satisfaction rate. As a result of its growing popularity, Scentsy Workstation is becoming increasingly popular over its online system.


Scentsy Workstation is an online web portal that allows all of Scentsy’s employees and customers to monitor their orders or view the company’s announcements as employees.

A 25% commission is equivalent to $500 for a Scentsy Consultant who sells a $2,000 product. Because Scentsy does not allow consultants to earn more than 25% on their PRV, you are motivated to recruit others to become Scentsy consultants. A commission of 2% – 9% is added when you recruit downline members.

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What Is The Login Process For Scentsy Dashboard?

From your computer browser, you can access your Scentsy Workstation account by following the steps below:

  • Visit the Scentsy Workstation website, workstation.scentsy.com, using the web browser on your computer.
  • In the first blank field, enter your Scentsy Consultant ID.
  • Password for your Scentsy workstation must be entered next.
  • Scentsy Workstation users can access their accounts by clicking the red “Sign In” link.


The Scentsy Pay app is also available on the Scentsy Workstation for affiliates and consultants. Users can manage their Scentsy Pay accounts from their mobile devices using the Scentsy Pay app. You can use the Scentsy Pay app to perform payment activities such as viewing balances, transferring money, and reviewing transaction history.

The products at Scentsy include wickless scented candles, ceramic warmers, scented bars, etc. With their motto that says, “Fill your life with fragrance,” the variety of fragrances available are enough to make you fall in love with their products.

The sponsor’s responsibility is to introduce you to the company’s policies, products, training, and sales. At Scentsy, you will be trained to start your very own business if you don’t have a background in business. The only thing you need is determination and interest. As well as the money to purchase your starter kit.

You will be able to launch your Scentsy business after you log in to the Scentsy dashboard, where you can promote products, take online orders, and announce online parties. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to hire new Consultants, which will lead to exponential growth in your business.

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