Mobile Login

Scentsy Workstation is a mobile-friendly website. Users can access their accounts from their mobile devices. You just need to open the web browser on your mobile device and visit the Scentsy Workstation login page. Please enter your Scentsy Workstation Consultant ID in the first blank field and your Scentsy Workstation Password in the second empty field. Then click the red “Sign In” button.


Your Scentsy Workstation account is separate from your Scentsy Pay account, as noted above. You may need to make use of your Scentsy Pay account frequently as a consultant or affiliate. The Scentsy Pay application is also available on the Scentsy workstation for affiliates and consultants.

Scentsy Pay’s mobile app allows its users to manage their accounts on the go via their mobile devices. You can use Scentsy Pay to perform payment activities like viewing balances, transferring money, and reviewing transaction history.

How To Login To Scentsy Pay On An Apple Device?

If you want to access your Scentsy Workstation account using the Scentsy Pay app on an Apple device, follow these steps:

  • Search for Scentsy Pay in the Apple App Store.
  • Install the Scentsy Pay Mobile app on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Launch the app after installing it.
  • Your Consultant ID and Password need to be entered in the two fields below.
  • If you want your browser to save your login details, check the “Save Login ID” box.
  • To complete the login process, tap the “Sign In” button.


How To Login To Scentsy Pay On An Android Device?

Android users should follow the following steps to log into their Scentsy Workstation account:

  • Search for Scentsy Pay Mobile in the Google Play Store.
  • Install the Scentsy app on your Android device.
  • Launch the app.
  • Fill in your Scentsy Workstation login information.
  • If you want your credentials to be stored in your mobile browser, check the “Save Login ID” box.
  • Access your Scentsy Workstation account by clicking the “Sign In” link.