Scentsy Pay Portal

The Scentsy Workstation account is not the only kind of account that Scentsy offers its associates. By setting up a Scentsy Pay account, you can manage your finances and make payments. You can access this account at Scentsy Pay’s address is available at this address, and it is a vital tool for all consultants.


  • Visit the Scentsy Pay portal at
  • Just as you did during the Scentsy Workstation login process, enter your Consultant ID and password in the appropriate fields.
  • When you click the purple “Sign In” button, you will be taken to your Scentsy Pay Portal account.

To activate the Pay Portal, which is a necessary step after logging into Scentsy Pay, follow these guidelines:

  • Once you’re logged into your Scentsy Pay account, push the Activate Account button.
  • Please provide one of the following credentials: your Scentsy card number, email address, or consultant ID.
  • You can log in to your account again after activation by following the Scentsy Pay login steps outlined above.

Features Of Scentsy Pay Portal

Automatic Transfer: Using Auto Transfer, any funds in your Pay Portal can be automatically transferred to your bank account or prepaid card, so you can set it and forget it! For Auto Transfers to work, you need to link your Pay Portal accounts to a prepaid card or bank account. Set up Auto Transfer in your Pay Portal by following these steps:


  • In the menu, click Transfer.
  • Select Create Auto Transfer under Action.
  • Confirm your selection.

Mobile Login: If you have a mobile device, you can access the Scentsy Pay Portal. Get the official app, which is available in the respective app stores.

View Transaction History: On the official website, you can also view your transaction history. Follow the steps below to see your transaction history.

  • On the main menu, click history.
  • You can view transactions by clicking on the appropriate tab
  • Choose the date range for the history you wish to review
  • Then click on Search

The Scentsy Pay Portal is an incredible tool that consultants can use to track their payment status and other related activities.